Decentralized Government System

Imagine a world without politicians. A world where we decide how society works, not a group of people elected every 4 years. Does it seem dystopian? Well, I will tell you how we can achieve this with Decentralized Government System.

We are increasingly dissatisfied with the political class that rules us. And even though we express this dissatisfaction, nothing seems to change. Through the financial pressure exerted by capitalism, the level of corruption began to rise more and more. Corruption has reached such a level that it generates toxicity for all of us.

We have ended up destroying our own habitat through the excessive and irresponsible use of plastic. We have ended up draining our planet of resources for the sake of enrichment. We pollute the water and the air without thinking about what we are leaving for our children. Climate change is the planet’s way of warning us, and more and more researchers are becoming aware of the effects of irresponsible industry on the environment.

All these atrocities are produced for one reason: the need for central dominance. If socialist doctrine encouraged states to prosper at any cost, capitalism encourages large companies to dominate industries at any cost.

The solution is decentralization. And it must be applied to the organizational root of society, that is, from governments to the other branches.

I built this concept in the US: *Decentralized Government System* It is how a government can operate in a decentralized way based on blockchain technology. If today the government interacts with citizens through officials, the *Decentralized Government System* gives citizens the power to challenge the decision-making power of local authorities at any time by exercising a vote on various matters.

Corruption will be massively diminished by digitally signed documents. Altering them to hide illegalities will become impossible. All public documents will become transparent. At the same time, the structure of the documents will become unitary to make it easier for citizens to understand. Decentralized government means economic and legislative efficiency. The jobs of accountants or notaries (who have the role of auditing and validating the system at huge costs) will be replaced by technology.

Unfortunately, my health did not allow me to complete the paper describing this concept. But in order to inspire others, I decided to share this concept, even if it is not a final form intended for publication.

Until the advent of the Internet, decentralization was not possible due to both the technical means and the low educational level of citizens. Today, however, people are more informed than ever and can use information to run their own society.

Decentralization means permanent power in the hands of citizens. They, by consensus and majority of 50 + 1 can decide what life will look like in their neighborhood/city/country.

Deciding only once every 4 years is not democracy. It is the equivalent of not deciding at all. Your decision once every 4 years is just an illusion.

Decentralized Government System White Paper